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Law enforcement, medical professionals and educators are typically considered to be essential personnel in our communities. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, truck drivers have rightfully joined the ranks as essential personnel. As Americans swept store shelves of food, bleach, medicine and personal care products, the ability of the supply chain to replenish basic necessities was critical. What became apparent is that the inventory and delivery processes, that functioned like clockwork, were so seamless that they were not noticed and therefore underappreciated.

While Americans are stocking up on bottled water and toilet paper, drivers are on the front…

The supply chain has reacted in a noble way to the resource shortage in our nation during the COVID-19 crisis. Truck drivers, factory workers, retail employees and overnight stockers, to name a few, are in the business of providing us with the food and resources we need to be safe and healthy. The people of the supply chain can be better protected from COVID-19 and other human-to-human virus transmission through the use of driverDOC technology. driverDOC provides real-time driver data for the entire supply chain ecosystem, with the goal of reducing as much human touch as possible.

Today, driverDOC is…

As consumers, we expect tracking for each package coming our way. Texts, emails and notifications provide play-by-play updates and we can track our new shoes from warehouse to front step. If we track our new kicks with constant updates we would expect that cross-country freight shipments with valuable construction supplies or critical inventory would be tracked in an even more precise fashion. However, this is not the case. The majority of logistics companies are plagued with archaic and manual processes. Drivers are still using their cabs as makeshift filings cabinets and constantly answering phone calls and texts for delivery status…


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