driverDOC Reduces Human Touch in the Supply Chain

3 min readMay 26, 2021


The supply chain has reacted in a noble way to the resource shortage in our nation during the COVID-19 crisis. Truck drivers, factory workers, retail employees and overnight stockers, to name a few, are in the business of providing us with the food and resources we need to be safe and healthy. The people of the supply chain can be better protected from COVID-19 and other human-to-human virus transmission through the use of driverDOC technology. driverDOC provides real-time driver data for the entire supply chain ecosystem, with the goal of reducing as much human touch as possible.

Today, driverDOC is eliminating the need for drivers to physically interact with a dispatcher to obtain trip sheets for pickups and deliveries. It also eliminates the physical delivery of BOL and POD documents. Not only are the driver and dispatcher protected by reducing physical touch points, the invoicing process is expedited and the safety of the driver behind the wheel is improved.

In the last few weeks, we have also spoken with several shippers on our product’s capability, and they are now interested in leveraging our technology to further reduce human touch with their shipping staff. driverDOC continues to focus on real-time supply chain data enablement, while also bringing safety to the forefront.

Fill out our contact form on the driverDOC website today to reserve your spot for our 60-day trial special. Realize how our low-touch driver application can simplify your back office and simultaneously protect the people that keep your business and the supply chain humming.

About driverDOC

From the driver’s cab to the supply chain’s back office, the industry’s manual processes and paper documents waste time and money.

With heavy reliance still on emails, texts and phone calls for basic communication and driver updates, we believe in a safe, more efficient and collaborative approach to freight and document visibility through technology and software. We want to be inclusive, starting with the driver and making key data and documents accessible to the whole supply chain.

driverDOC was imagined to challenge the inefficiencies of the logistics supply chain through the creation of a better driver experience and integrated data flow. We believe drivers are the greatest, yet most underutilized, asset in simplifying the supply chain’s back office.

We are supply chain tech focused on the driver experience — logistics simplified in the hand of the driver.

driverDOC is an Omaha, NE based startup that seeks to enable the supply chain ecosystem through capturing driver data in real-time. For more information or to discuss investment opportunities, please visit us at or email us at