Where’s the Freight?

3 min readMay 26, 2021


As consumers, we expect tracking for each package coming our way. Texts, emails and notifications provide play-by-play updates and we can track our new shoes from warehouse to front step. If we track our new kicks with constant updates we would expect that cross-country freight shipments with valuable construction supplies or critical inventory would be tracked in an even more precise fashion. However, this is not the case. The majority of logistics companies are plagued with archaic and manual processes. Drivers are still using their cabs as makeshift filings cabinets and constantly answering phone calls and texts for delivery status. Meanwhile, the trucking companies are employing staff to enter shipment data, and manually invoice for completed deliveries. With all the people involved in a shipment, the supply chain still can’t answer the question, ‘Where’s the Freight?’

97% of the trucking industry is made up of carriers that have 30 or fewer trucks. These carriers and drivers are holding down the deliveries of America, but do not have a viable solution to solve the technology gap. driverDOC is a simple solution that creates visibility for customers, efficiency for carriers, identity for drivers, and safety for all.

The founder of driverDOC discovered the inefficiencies of the industry on the front lines of operations. He has spent time listening to drivers, dispatchers and back-office staff that are feeling the burn of the manual processes and constant checks for freight status. The consensus? Drivers are hands down, the most knowledgeable and valuable personnel in regards to the freight in their possession. driverDOC provides drivers with a workflow and prompts the driver when action is required. For everyone else, their lives are simplified through real-time updates and the ability to know exactly where the freight is. With driverDOC, drivers are allowed to DRIVE and the supply chain has VISIBILITY, it’s as simple as that!

As the industry tries to catch up with parcel, big players are deep in innovation relative to their individual ecosystems. Their solutions will make a positive impact on the closed circuit they were built for but there can be challenges in sharing a visibility platform with competitors in the industry. Also, the pandemic has slowed their ability to focus on the overall ecosystem solution and double down on their core businesses.

Drivers should drive, dispatchers should dispatch and we can do better to keep track of valuable freight as it rolls across the country. Contact hello@driverdoc.io for a demo and to discuss a free trial of the platform. Don’t let parcel delivery show us up — America’s infrastructure needs driverDOC!

About driverDOC

From the driver’s cab to the supply chain’s back office, the industry’s manual processes and paper documents waste time and money.

With heavy reliance still on emails, texts and phone calls for basic communication and driver updates, we believe in a safe, more efficient and collaborative approach to freight and document visibility through technology and software. We want to be inclusive, starting with the driver and making key data and documents accessible to the whole supply chain.

driverDOC was imagined to challenge the inefficiencies of the logistics supply chain through the creation of a better driver experience and integrated data flow. We believe drivers are the greatest, yet most underutilized, asset in simplifying the supply chain’s back office.

We are supply chain tech focused on the driver experience — logistics simplified in the hand of the driver.

driverDOC is an Omaha, NE based startup that seeks to enable the supply chain ecosystem through capturing driver data in real-time. For more information or to discuss investment opportunities, please visit us at driverDOC.io or email us at hello@driverdoc.io.